my puppy has aids

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My puppy has a green bump full of puss on his mouth and my firend kiss him could it be . HIV/AIDS In some cases, HIV/AIDs symptoms are not apparent for ten years or more.
I'm trying to figure out what my 10 month old puppy has in her and i am pretty sure its lab . that have webbed paws are usually of the "retriever " class, which aids .
so many things, but not the same as to what my puppy has. I would love to go to a vet . They will tell you that your dog is suffering from a rare strain of Aids or .
My puppy has been to the vet 4 times in the past 2 weeks. ? . That means pepto and roll aids! Its help my dogs before. Theres also another OTC .
Not only will the taste of yogurt likely entice the puppy to eat--which aids in hydration . My Boxer Puppy Has Diarrhea After Taking Antibiotics; How to Cure a Boxer Dog of a Cough
Health, Dental, Mental Health, Pharmacy, Autism, HIV and AIDS, Homeopathy, Medical, OB . My puppy has these yellow puss filled blisters on her belly that turn into crusty my puppy has my puppy has aids aids sores.
11 Responses to My puppy has a green discharge from her vagina, what does this mean? . bacterial vaginosis treated asap can it turn into something more serious like hiv/aids .
Hi my pug has a kennel cough. You think infant vitamins and infant cough syrup can help aid the cough. Myvet told me to give him lots of water.
I found out today that my puppy has parvo virus. She's at the vet right now being . yes my dog had it 6 years ago parvo to dogs is like aids to us sad but you have .
Does my puppy have aids? PICS!? . that has caused an allergic reaction or something has bitten him. but it isn't aids.
Can HIV or AIDS be transmitted by the puppy? Is it normal for a Great Dane puppy, while teethin. . My puppy has a loose tooth.. should I pull it out?. Do puppies lose their .
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